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We are currently completely upgrading and changing our XMPP services, they will be down for the time being until we update this post, when it returns it will be super fuckin’ charged uber leetness. As previously these services will be accessable through the Clearnet and via a tor hidden service and accessable under I2P to help protect the anonymity of our users, if they so choose to use it.

On a new note, we are currently testing a new forum/community site and would like everyone to check it out and help with it. you can access it here we will continue to maintain this project as we decide whether it’s a good fit, so please sign up, make some posts, the more you help out on the site, the more access you get.. it’s a pretty neat system so far and once it get’s going, it will run itself.

We hope you check out the new forums, and we apologize for the XMPP downtime, but it’s necessary to keep our users identity and information secure, and at the same time keep up with the latest features and whatnot. We’ll be posting updates on this on the new forums. see-ya there!

Accessing our XMPP / Jabber Server

Security conscious? Privacy Paranoid? Check out our Jabber/XMPP server. We purposely do not log IP Addresses, or any information other than the encrypted credentials required to login to our servers. The server is currently open to registrations from within your client. We suggest using Pidgin. You may also register here via your web browser.

From pidgin, go to Accounts->Manage accounts=>Add

Choose XMPP from the drop-down list.

Username: Choose your own.


Resource: an identifier for your client (can connect via multiple instances)

Password: Choose one.

(We recommend not allowing pidgin to save your password)

Tick the box at the bottom to register the account on the server

You are done!

We recommend pairing Pidgin with OTR Encryption, you can grab it for windows at cypherpunks, on a debian based distro all you need to do is:

sudo apt-get install pidgin pidgin-otr

the plugin maintains the same name ‘pidgin-otr’ in most linux & unix distributions, including FreeBSD’s ports tree, and Gentoo’s portage.

Upon installing the plugin, go to the plugin manager in pidgin, and tick the checkbox for Off-The-Record. Upon initiating a secure conversation, your keys will be generated, this may take a bit of time, and may look asif pidgin has hung or froze up, this is not the case, let it do it’s thing, you will be notified upon completion.

To make it worth not saving your passwords, make sure you authenticate all of your buddies using OTR, both ways.. that way no one can access your account and for someone to pose as you, they would not be able to authenticate with another OTR user, thus ensuring your buddies are really your buddies, and not an agent or impostor..

Our XMPP Server also has gateways, these gateways can allow you to sign-on to your other IM accounts from our server, connecting you securely to these networks and making it easier to login to all of your clients, We prefer this especially when using LiveCD’s like Tails, allowing you to logon to only one single account, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Update: We now support Voice & Video chat via XMPP using jitsi


sudo apt-get install jitsi

Or visit to grab the most recent client, and for debian/ubuntu users, add the apt repository for jitsi, this is recommended as your distributions version is most likely older than the current build.

We hope you enjoy this service, please report any issues in the forums.

PS: For a limited time, if you want IMAP/POP3/WebMail with or, please let us know, we are giving out a limited number of email accounts. Any of our users can request one, let us know today. – XMPP for the privacy and security conscious.

Welcome to We are committed to providing a quality XMPP/Jabber chat server for security & privacy conscious individuals and organizations, as well as news and information on protecting your privacy, security and more! We also have an irc server, provide webmail on request and host open source project’s homepages/downloads.

We are currently getting things ironed out, for the most part though, everything is functional. If you haven’t already, register an account now to access our Instant Messaging services! You can access our IRC network internally via the IRC transport while connected to XMPP.

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