Alot has changed with trippin.in. I have been swamped with work, and have had little time to work on my own little projects.. that being said, I plan to revamp this site and instead of just IT-related topics I also want to touch on some vaping subjects, as I have totally quit smoking cigarettes and am solely vaping.

I have dumped all previous posts, as they are very old, I will be turning them into a downloadable XML file to view later on. I did this because alot of the posts from before had to do with anonymity, these technologies are changing very often and I will be making new posts and guides as soon as i can. I also removed the old posts because they had alot of how-to’s on accessing some of trippin.in’s services that we’re temporarily not keeping up with, like the IRC network (dead, not worth keeping up), XMPP server (Will return shortly, working on some custom features, when i have time), and even more security related services that I do not currently have the time to maintain.

All that being said, I am working to make this site more easy to maintain, to add real information easily, possibly using a mobile device while on-the-go, and focus more on switching to a forum-like discussion board where everyone can help populate it with valuable information :)

Thanks again, and I will update this as i get the time to make changes.

Anonymity, IT, Security, Gaming, Drugs & Everything nice.